MA Program in Labour Studies - Admission

Admission MA Labour Studies Program (Studii de Muncă): deadline for online application 23 July 2021.

You will be invited at an online interview, where you will be asked to present your interest in the MA Program in Labour Studies and your opinion on topics relevant for this MA program, such as labour relations, human resources, social policies. The technical details of the online interviews, such as the link and the schedule, will be provided by email to registered candidates.

The minimum grade for admission is 5 (out of 10 maximum).

Candidates can be admitted on tuition waived subsidized places (15 places) or on tax / tuition fee (10 places).

Open an account for master's degree on the online platform

From the drop-down menu select Facultatea de Stiinte Politice (Faculty of Political Science). Fill in the forms with the required information.

Select the MA Program in Labour Studies (Masteratul de Studii de Muncă) from the listed programs, and fill all the required data. Do not forger to upload your CV and the letter of motivation (doc or pdf)! Optionally, you can also upload a writing sample. SNSPA graduates are exempt from paying the application fees.

The admitted candidates are eligible for tuition waiver (available for 15 candidates) if they have not previously graduated a tuition waived MA program in public universities from Romania.

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