The Faculty of Political Science from SNSPA Bucharest is one of the largest faculties of political science in Romania and the largest faculty of political science in Bucharest, both in terms of enrolled students and number of faculty staff. The Faculty of Political Science offers undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA and PhD) training in Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, and Psychology. All the programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education through the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS). The BA is a three year program and it follows the Bologna Process standards. The MA programs offer two year training in accordance with the Bologna Process. Through these programs and research activities, the faculty aims to develop the disciplines of Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, as well as the civic and democratic values ​​of the Romanian society. The research areas in which the faculty has developed a strong expertise are: Political Philosophy and Theory, Comparative Politics, International Relations, European Studies, Public Policy, Central and Eastern Europe Policy, Democracy and Minorities Studies, Political Sociology, Electoral Sociology, Labour Studies, Health and Body Sociology, Sociology and Gender, Research Methodology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Psychology of Organizations, Psychology and Work.

Our faculty staff has a vast research experience on topics such as electoral systems, parties and party systems, social inequalities, industrial and labour relations, gender equality, political theory, consumption and housing, minorities, development of the European Union etc.

The Faculty of Political Science consists of two departments: The Department of Political Science and European Studies, and The Department of Sociology. These two departments organize the research and teaching activities at all the three levels of training (BA, MA and PhD). The training of the academic staff covers many disciplines. This provides a quality support for fundamental studies in Political Science, Sociology and Psychology, as well as other specialized study programs. The contiunous development and improvement of our MA programs is a key task for the Faculty of Political Science, which currently offers 12 MA programs having Romanian as teaching language, and one MA program with English as teaching language. The Faculty of Political Science from SNSPA offers high quality education also at the PhD level mainly to those who want to expand their expertise in political science or sociology, or want to develop an academic and research career. Our graduates are highly appreciated by employers for their theoretical training and empirical work experience, as well as for their professional and social skills. They work in Romania or abroad, in governmental institutions, international organizations, NGOs, private companies, research institutes, embassies, but also in central or local public institutions (city halls, county councils, governmental agencies, Parliament, or Presidency).