MA Programmes

The Faculty of Political Science offers advanced graduate programs. All our MA programs are accredited by ARACIS, the national higher education quality assurance agency.

  • Political Science (in Romanian)
  • Political Theory and Policy Analysis (in Romanian)
  • Fundamental Studies in Sociology (in Romanian)
  • Anthropology (in Romanian)
  • Politics, Gender and Minorities - Gender Studies MA (in Romanian)
  • International Developement and Cooperation (in Romanian)
  • Management and Governance (in Romanian)
  • Governance and Society (in Romanian)
  • European Integration and Public Policies (in Romanian)
  • Public Policies and Urbanism (in Romanian)
  • Visual Studies and Society (in Romanian)
  • Civil Society and Public Policies (in Romanian)
  • Labour Studies (in English)
  • European Politics and Society (in English)