Why FSP?

Graduates of the Faculty of Political Science will obtain the following skills:

General skills

•The ability to identify European and international issues, by analysing and interpreting them in the light of modern political theory;

• The ability to use arguments and relevant knowledge to analyse trends and patterns in the European and international environment, in a concise, well structured and interesting manner;

•The  knowledge and applicability of basic concepts of political science, international relations and European studies, sociology, psychology.

Professional skills

• The ability to apply policies, regulations and international /European legal instruments to real social and political situations

• The ability to establish and develop communication networks and partnerships with individuals, institutions, mass - media, NGOs

• The ability to anticipate the needs, issues and development in the European and international environment.

Career Opportunities

Faculty of Political Science graduates can work in:

  • Central and local public institutions (presidential administration, parliament, ministries, the Department of Public Information of the Government, National Bank of Romania, town halls, etc.)
  • Higher education and scientific research, political parties, sociological research institutes and public opinion polling, cultural institutions and non-governmental organizations
  • Corporations (capital market, financial and legal audit offices, press etc.)

Faculty of Political Science graduates are qualified as:

    Teachers (political science, sociology, ethics, civics, human rights)

    Political scientists, sociologists, political advisors, policy analysts, policy documentary

    Researchers (political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, international relations)