Department of Sociology


Sociology was established as a field of study in the Faculty of Political Science (SNSPA Bucharest) in 2000. Since then, the Department of Sociology has rapidly gained broad national and international exposure through strategic partnerships with prestigious universities and research institutions in Europe and North America in areas such as applied sociology, social and cultural anthropology, and political sociology.

Our faculty are graduates of Romanian, US, and European universities (i.e. University of Bucharest, Stanford University, University College London, Oxford University, Central European University, Universita degli Studi di Perugia), with extensive and varied experience in national and international research projects for various partners (e.g. public agencies, private businesses, NGOs etc.) Accredited by ARACIS (The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education), our department is known for its emphasis on applied social research and public sociology – a fact that distinguishes our department from local competitors.

Our undergraduate and graduate students are systematically involved in research projects undertaken by our faculty. On a regular basis, our department offers numerous opportunities for practical training, fieldwork activities, and participation in various academic events (i.e., conferences, debates, thematic workshops coordinated by our faculty or by students themselves etc.). We take pride in being closely connected to the surrounding social and economic environment through our regular, large scale study „The Social Mapping of Bucharest". Conducted each year, this projects combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies (e.g., surveys, observation, in-depth individual interviews, focus-groups) to address topics such as social inequality, healthcare, life styles, cultural consumptions and practices, life in the city, social movements and protests, political and civic participation, electoral competition, labour relations. 

Our emphasis on practical matters and hands-on learning has had extremely positive effects on our graduates’ chances on the job market. Our graduates have excelled in academia, business (market social research), the non-profit sector, and public service.



Psychology is a new specialization at SNSPA Bucharest. It was accredited by ARACIS in 2014 as a three-year BA program within the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Political Science. Its mission is to provide high quality training for undergraduate students in areas that are in demand on the job market. We are recognized by top employers as a specialization that provides an excellent environment for learning and development for our students. The curriculum is structured to meet the needs of students who are interested to have a degree in psychology: from students who want to work in the public or private sector after graduation, to students who want to pursue post-graduate studies in psychology or related fields, to students who have a general interest in psychology but had already obtained a university degree in another field.


The Department of Sociology is currently managed by Associate Professor Alfred Bulai (Head of Department), Assistant Professor Aurelian Muntean and Assistant Professor Bogdan Iancu (members in the Departmental Council).