MA Program in Labour Studies - Testimonials


"When I applied for this master's degree, I had some doubts about the fact that I had finished a university in a totally different field, I didn't know how I would adapt and if I had made the right choice. But I was pleasantly surprised. The Master in Labour Studies has an interesting curriculum, which includes subjects such as: human resources management, varieties of capitalism, comparative labour relations, social dialogue, etc. Thus, you can acquire general knowledge related to several fields. The professors are dedicated and even encourage you to follow an Erasmus programme for a semester for personal development, as the Master in Labour Studies has many partner universities in Europe." - Flavia Caitas (2020 class) -

"I appreciated that the traditional learning environment was accompanied by the online learning experience. The flexibility and availability of professors made it possible to adapt the master’s curriculum to students, facilitating consolidation and learning at a pace adapted to their needs. I appreciated the professional excellence of professors who love their job and have a true passion for the subject they teach. Moreover, their respect and friendship inspired the students' enthusiasm." - Mihaela Matei (2019 class) -

"I've attended the Labor Studies Master right after getting my Bachelor's Degree in sociology. For me, the overall experience was very surprising. Not only did it offer me the possibility to gain knowledge in sociology, but it has also given the me opportunity of addressing subjects and themes from different perspectives, coming from all social sciences. I recommend this Master's Degree to anyone who wants to follow a career in the field of labour relations, but also to those who just wish to gain more knowledge about one of the most important aspects in our lives, the labour market. " - Anca Peleșteanu (2017 class) -

"For me Erasmus was both academic life and having fun. I experienced the academic life in one of the most prestigious universities in Germany and also, had fun. I was reading academic articles about the welfare state and the feminist critique of it in the noon and afternoon, and in the night I was spending time with friends. In the morning I was preparing a presentation about the Romanian labour relations, for the next week, and in the afternoon I was drinking a beer in the Wesser Stadium at the football match between Werder Bremen and RB Leipzig. Finally, I spent my birthday in one of the biggest anti-capitalist protest (NO G20) in the recent history of the German state." - Alexandru Liță (2017 class) -

"There can be no better and wiser choice than to enroll in the MA Program in Labour Studies, especially in a period in which the workforce market is continuously changing because of numerous factors such as socio-economic conditions or the legislation." - Elena Radu (2017 class) -

"This program enabled me to be more marketable to employers and allowed me to see the potential I could bring at my company." - Liliana Cocos (2017 class) -

“The MA Degree in Labour Studies provided me with both the ability to understand the problems that workers face as well as the tools needed to advance positive social change. Interesting, practical and inspiring, all the courses will challenge you to develop informed and critical perspectives on fundamental aspects of contemporary life. Labour Studies is an exciting multi-disciplinary program that analyzes how world events and global economics are changing the Romanian and international workplaces. The MA Program in Labour Studies provides an understanding of the role of labour in the age of globalization and major social and economic change. A variety of quality classes and the professors are more than helpful!” - Alina Oprea (2015 class) -

“My experience during the first year not only allowed me to meet and work with inspiring people from different backgrounds, it also improved my understanding in labour relations. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is willing to work hard, enjoys being a team player and is interested in industrial and labour relations.” - Agnes Nicolaescu (2015 class) -

“What a wonderful experience is studying! It does not matter the age or the background you come from. The most important thing is to enjoy studying and to be close to the problems of the labour market, to understand how it works and why is works like that. And the most important thing is to be open to new ideas, to new challenges, to be concerned about what is happening around you and on the labour market and, on the top of that, to have the willingness to put in practice all the good ideas that come during the courses. My first year in this MA Programme Labour Studies, was a great experience with a lot of debates with the colleagues and teachers, when we exchanged ideas, we argued or we agreed upon the subject, and we understood the core of “why the labour market works like that”. More than that, we’ve experienced once again what it means to be a team.“ – Ramona Veleanu (2015 class) -

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